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ALKIM PETROKIMYA INDUSTRY AND TRADE LTD. CORP. foundation laid in 2005 in Tuzla. Accordance with national and international standards has maintained to the production of mineral oil for automotive and industrial sector. Expect our own brands VOLLMAX,KADOIL,MATADOR GOLD SERIES AND AKSOIL we produce private label and in this area we are serving to various European and Middle East companies. Alkim Petrokimya located in a land of 12.000 m2 in KOSB and has 6.000 m2 closed area on the board of the facilities. Alkim Petrokimya provides serve to the mineral oil industry with expert staff, modern manufacturing facility and a modern management approach, qualified staff and modern, full-fladged spacious laboratory opportunities. By extensive dealership network and direct sales point in the country, Alkim Petrokimya operatres in a national marketing and has activities in the international marketing by exporting 40 countries. However, our first principle is to be business partner for our customers. Related with the delivered products and services, customer satisfacction and product reliability is important primarily. All staff of the Quality Control Laboratories committed to apply procedures and policies that prepared according to the terms of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standards. Our quality goals set in this direction.
We are committed to be the most valuable commercial company in the region to better serve our customers, colleagues, investors, business partners, and the communities in which we live and work
As Petrol Ofisi, we are a petroleum company having the most extensive retail sales network offering service throughout Turkey with our wide dealer network covering all 81 provinces and approximately 850 districts. Petrol Ofisi is the second private sector company of Turkey. Petrol Ofisi is Turkey’s leading fuel distribution and lubricants company with more than 1.700 fuel stations, 1 lubricant plant, 10 fuel and 4 LPG filling terminals, 20 aviation supply units and approximately 1,1 million m³ storage capacity. With our service approach focusing on the customer satisfaction and high-quality products, we are aiming to meet the fuel requirements of the consumers in a safely manner and transform their fuel shopping into a pleasant, fast and practical transaction. In addition to offering advanced technology, high-quality products to our customers, we are also offering additional advantages with Positive Card program. The number of the Positive Card members, who benefit from the advantageous point structure that we offer through the cooperations with different sectors, is currently more than 3 million. Furthermore, our customers are benefiting from advantageous shopping opportunity at Money member companies and Petrol Ofisi stations by means of the Positive Card and Money Club Card cooperation. As Petrol Ofisi, our main objective is to offer more than fuel to our customers at each station carrying our brand and to be the most reliable and strongest fellow traveler for the people.
Our company Defne Kimyevi Maddeler (Defne Chemical Materials) started its activitiy with olive oil and laurel oil in 1970 specially to Middle East. In addition to that, we have been importing, exporting and distributing company over with 100 products approximately 40.000mt a year over 25 contries that including North Africa and South Africa. As Defne Chemical, we mostly focus on the chemical products which we have sufficient experience and networks to supply our customers’ requests. Defne Chemical are the biggest Lauris Nobilis Fruit Oil supplier and exporter in Turkey since 1970's. We supply approximately 60-65 tones a year which equals 80 percentage of Turkey production. Moreover, we are the only company who has Organic Certification for traditional Laurel Fruit oil.
Polikim was established in 2004 to supply chemical raw materials required for industry and serves to textile, leather, metal, detergent, construction, disinfectant and plastic sectors. Besides introducing new products and the products developped by ourselves; our philosophy is to respond to all products and service requirement of our customers. To achieve this, we are always working together with our suppliers and customers. Polikim, making transferring the research and innovation, will continue to work as customer focused and be an important transition point in the progression of many companies.
I.T.C INTERCON INTERNATIONAL TRADE & CONSULTING LTD , Istanbul centered, was established in 2013. With its expert team , ITC aimes to give boutique services to its clients and cooperation partners with trustworthy, follower, cause-effect relations, knowledge valued, customer satisfaction oriented, accuracy, honesty and transparency awareness in both domestic and international platforms. With its deep International trade knowledge and technical know-how gained from over 15 years experience in related fields and with its bussines partners from all over the world, ITC provides accurate and sufficient consultancy services, determination of global needs and services to its clients who want to import and export within the scope of meeting these needs with specialized manufacturers. ****TRADE COLLABORATION**** In today’s global conjuncture competition is ‘’a must ‘’ for each company. The determination of the products required by the markets is of great importance for the sustainability of the companies and finding the right market and connecting with the real buyers and sellers are also a very important issue what needs to be focused on devotedly.With the awareness of how our clients time is valuable ITC , investigates and researches the products demanded, manufacturers, suppliers and analyzes the history, credibility, bussines capability and trade potential of the firms to build its clients’ bussines relations on trustable foundations. ****MARKETING**** Marketing is one of the main activities of a company.Companies place emphasis on to marketing activities in order to determine the market needs, to ascertain right products in line with market needs, to develop marketing strategies according to target market , customer potential and customer sensitivity in the target market and to gain acceleration in the entered market with reference to price policy and cost-benefit principle.To get involved in global markets is no longer a problem for our clients due to ITC ‘s vast knowledge and practise and with its specialist who adopts continuing education and development as a principle. ****CONSULTANCY**** It is necessary to prepare a healthy foreign trade infrastructure for the companies which do not know whereabouts and how to start entering the global markets and they need the professional consultants in order to be able to manage all foreign trade procedures themselves.From this point of view, ITC attaches great importance to consultancy services, provides professional support and quality service in the best way to meet its customers and cooperation partners’ expectations and needs.Under favour of the our solutions, we minimize the mistakes ,take precaution to prevent financial losses, and besides, we save time what is the most important factor of the companies in recent years.Thereby, our valued customers are able to devote their times to other things to do with peace of mind. I.T.C. INTERCON specially supports the small and medium sized enterprises to find the actual markets to their quality products and determines them a road map on institutionalization, foreign trade, marketing-sales strategies, production, quality,risk management and many more.Addition to this, I.T.C which provides consultancy services to foreign firms located abroad in the scope of market research, customer relations management and agency services, also gives services of internal and external promotions,goverment supports and some other activities for the firms on SME scale.
TARMOND was established in 1981 in Gebze, the industrial region of Kocaeli, just 30 km outside of Istanbul in a modern production facility built on 10,000 square meters of owned land. Founder of the company, Mustafa Sevket Sipahi (1916-2005), an agricultural engineer with a Master of Science degree from Louisiana State University (1946) in Agricultural Economics, had founded an agricultural chemicals company in 1956, which was one of the pioneers in Turkey at the time. It was and still is the market leader in agricultural chemicals sector. After serving as the General Manager and CEO of that company for 26 years, he established TARMOND in 1981 and led the company for 24 years until his passing away in 2005. The company is being led by his grandchildren who are the 3rd generation in the company. Sipahi was well known for his very high ethical values and honesty in the Turkish industrial sector and we are trying our best to keep the family and company reputation for high ethical and moral standards. TARMOND, which started out as an agricultural chemicals company diversified its lines of business to include automotive and industrial oils in 1987. In 1987 ESSO made the decision to invest in Turkey and chose TARMOND to outsource their filling operations for their motor oils. Esso engineers modified the TARMOND factory for motor oil blending and filling. After 1987, TARMOND shifted most of its production to Automotive and Industrial oils manufacturing, as well as, antifreeze and auxiliary automotive products. Since then, many multinationals have outsourced their lubricant/anti-freeze production to TARMOND. TARMOND has been awarded ISO 9001 in 2001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 in 2007.
We as Ottom Lubricants, are a producer and exporter of high quliaty motor oils and lubricants from Turkey. We have a state of the art production facility in Istanbul Tuzla and provide our customers with utmost quality at lubricants. We have a product group over 252 skus and we are able to provide our lubricants fitting to the needs of all our customers throughout the world. As part of the Afro Turco Group of Companies our specialization is in Lubricants.We have our distributors in Senegal, Tanzania, Somaliland and many more African Countries. The Afro Turco Group also operates in distribution of other Turkish branded products like baby diapers, sweets, deodorants, liquied detergents like FMCG products in Tanzania and Senegal as well as trading of products like cashew nuts, sesame, cofffee, cacao, etc from Africa to all over the world.